Open Air Psytrance Festival



Dj Giuseppe is the founder/owner and manager of Parvati Records, the well known twisted/forest psychedelic-trance music Label founded in Denmark in year 2000. Since then Giuseppe & Parvati Records are a constant presence in the global psy-trance community with more then 100 releases on the catalogue and with a group of 36 Producers and Djs from all over the world.The last many winters Dj Giuseppe has been based in Goa becoming there one of the most loved resident Djs and building up a huge network inside the global trance community. The Music and the Label have brought him around the world, giving him the chance to play from small intimate parties to the biggest gatherings in so far more then 50 Lands of the 5 Continents.

The sets of Dj Giuseppe are known to be always different and adapting to the dance-floors and the situations he finds himself in: his book of music is for sure one of richest and most complete in the Psy-Trance scene.Since 2012 he also collaborates with many Festival as Stage Manager: OZORA, Modem, 7 Chakras, Atman, Free Earth Festival and more.


Antonymous is an artist from Athens, Greece.
He took his first steps in studying music at an early age in a private conservatory, where he took piano lessons and practiced with different harmonium keyboards.

Around 2000, psytrance caught his attention and after many years of following the scene, playing DJ sets and experimenting his own ideas in various genres, the project was born.
His first tracks as well as his debut EP “The Ascending Path” were released by Sonic Loom Music.

Since then he has performed in many festivals all over the world such Boom, Mo:Dem, Freqs of Nature, Mundo De Oz, Earth Dance & Ritual and has released tracks with major labels of the scene.

In the meantime together with Tromo they have created the side project Quadraphonic.

Antonymous is constantly exploring the psychedelic sound which aims to take the listener on a journey where body n’ mind will follow.


After his birth in a deep cave Bat aka Metaphyz learned how to emit ultrasounds and increased quickly his high sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field.
After finding acoustically the right basement, Bat began to produce echoes in order to propagate his own frequencies around the planet.

Warning: Those ultrasonic waves are way more perceptible at night.

Enjoy the trip and unleash your zoanthropic instinct!


Crooked Mind is a forest-dark psy project created in 2012 by Jose Montenegro from Costa Rica, Central America. After many years involved in psychedelic events and playing as a DJ, influenced by many great artists in the scene, Jose decided to create his own style of psytrance music, a deep forest dark trance vibe ranging between 150bpm – 165bpm aiming towards deep dancing meditation with powerful bass lines, hypnotic percussive layers and organic textures always trying to convey original stories for the listeners.

Crooked Mind will be launching his 3rd EP this year with Banyan Records labels and has a lot of contributions with multiple labels across the globe.

Crooked Mond es el proyecto forest-darkpsy creado por Jose Montenegro de Costa Rica, Centro America. Despues de varios años involucrado en el movimiento local psychedelic trance, participando como DJ y organizador de eventos e influenciadopor grandes artistas de la escena, Jose decide crear su propio estilo de música psytrance, apuntando a un trance profundo e hipnotico siempre tratando de elaborar texturas y ideas originales que representen la vibra de el proyecto. BPM range 150 a 165bpm.


Caixedia Camista, the creation of Buenos Aires-based artist InVid Mind (Nancy Invid), is a sonic
voyage into the future. Her music blends electronic, experimental, and post-apocalyptic sounds,
creating immersive and transportive journeys.

Caixedia’s debut EP, Greetings Robotics, released in February 2023 and her follow-up,
Telephatic Telephone, arrived in July 2023 both under the Argentinian label Alkhimia Records.

Caixedia Camista’s music is a captivating blend of swirling melodies, driving rhythms, and
otherworldly textures. Drawing inspiration from classic psychedelic trance, contemporary
electronic music, and the cosmos itself.

Embark on a cosmic adventure with Caixedia Camista’s soundscapes and unleash your inner


Samyaza is the psytrance project of Bobby B from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having started
multi-tracking electronic music at the age of 14, he followed soon after by learning Logic
software to create electronic music. Following this passion, he was able to study studio
production, sound engineering, sound design and synthesis, and dance music production. After
going to raves and electronic music events, he came to appreciate the beauty, emotional range,
and freedom to experiment within the dark psytrance format. So, in 2010 Samyaza project was
born and became the main outlet for his creativity. Samyaza continues his research, always
striving to be on the cutting edge of audio quality and creative sound design while creating a
moving artistic vision within a solid dance music package.


Aeromancer is the brainchild of Invid Mind and Samyaza, hatched during our travels together across Europe, California, and South America. Each track is inspired by the stories of the places we’ve been and the experiences we’ve endured together. We are pleased to present our transcendental tales to you, and we welcome your induction thereof.\

Samyaza is the psytrance project of Bobby B from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having started multi-tracking electronic music at the age of 14, he followed soon after by learning Logic software to create electronic music. Following this passion, he was able to study studio production, sound engineering, sound design and synthesis, and dance music production. After going to raves and electronic music events, he came to appreciate the beauty, emotional range, and freedom to experiment within the dark psytrance format. So, in 2010 Samyaza project was born and became the main outlet for his creativity. Samyaza continues his research, always striving to be on the cutting edge of audio quality and creative sound design while creating a moving artistic vision within a solid dance music package.


Sunchild is the project of San Francisco based producer and DJ Adam Heckart.

At 17, Adam discovered psychedelic trance at a Goa Gil party in Northern California. Deeply inspired by the experience, he began experimenting with producing and DJing. In 2005 Sunchild was created, driven by the idea that through sound and dance, humans can access the universal consciousness and unleash the great energy of the soul.

The sound of Sunchild is comprised of unique atmospheres, evocative sounds, and hypnotic patterns, always centered around a strong dance element. Sunchild is known for guiding the listener through a dynamic story of vast soundscapes and emotions.

Described by some as forest trance, dark, groovy, fluffy – Adam keeps his focus on offering a unique psychedelic experience that transcends sub-genre.


Xelph is the project of USA-based producer and DJ Gryphon (Wolf) O’Shea. With years of deep roots in the production of experimental Breakcore and IDM, his recent years have been dedicated entirely to bringing his passion for production to the worldwide dancefloor of the psychedelic scene which had been his family for years. Merging his past skillsets with Modular Synthesizers and unique DIY musical equipment to the digital world of traditional psytrance production, he constantly strives to push the boundaries of traditional psychedelic music production into his own style. With productions ranging from Forest-Hi Tech-Darkpsy, his sets always tell a story personally engineered for each specific dancefloor, through many tempos and styles. As long as it is deep, intelligent, psychedelic, and grooving, he strives to achieve a full spectrum of styles on the darker side of psytrance. The goal is not dive deep into the darkness, but to bring out a beauty in it to provide the best experience for THE DANCEFLOOR. With releases on labels such as Parvati Records, OSOM, OVNI Shamans, Goa Gil, Fractal Nebula, and a large array of unreleased material which comes out only in his live sets, you never know what you are going to get, but you can be sure that it will be a full power dance through the many worlds of psychedelic genres that leaves the dancefloor completely blasted every time!


Primordial Ooze through countless mutations eventually developed opposable thumbs for twisting knobs and smashing buttons. Inspired by filtering experiences into sound by shaping waveforms and encouraging them to bubble and adapt to their sonic environment Primordial Ooze puts you in the center of the cosmic symphony. This sound surrounds you with frequencies immersing you into vibrant, ritualistic compositions that resonate deep within your primeval memories. While dancing if you feel like growing gills, horns, and tails keep calm and keep on stomping as you’ve just awakened your fundamental self.


Razing Prophet arrives with the visions of the future to deliver them to the people. As one of the masterminds behind Libelula Collective and sonic shaman at The Fifth Element Records, Ek’Records and Secret Vision, he has been dedicated to spreading the prophecies for the past 15 years through musical soundscapes derived from the light hidden in a distant future and the dark possibilities of alternate realities. Heading into battle with deck and mixer as his weapon without a preplanned strategy and channeling the visions as they present themselves have created an unpredictable style that have gained him a seat in the ranks aboard the mothership as sonic commander of the galactic force, Pleiadian Records. This mission has taken the prophecies to lands afar including the wild west states of the US, the northern motherland of Africa, as well as various cities across Mexico. From the northern lands of Baja California, Sonora & Chihuahua to the southern territories of Jalisco, Guerrero and the sacred lands of the ancient Mayas in Chiapas, his travels have brought him to deliver auditory messages with other sonic elders such as Psykovsky, Necropsycho, Yoshua E.M, Xikwri Neyrra, Audiopathik, Kashyyyk, Noise Gust, Traxon, Demonizz among others. The journey continues for the Razing Prophet, bringing the prophecies to the next gathering of tribes to deconstruct the egos, bring the listeners to base level, and reconstruct from the ground up. A mission to guide the people away from the dark reality and shift fate towards the bright future.


With her roots in jungle music, Lali dedicated herself to turntablism and experimenting on Ableton over 15 years ago. Recently she has been seduced by the dark side of psychedelic music, finally uniting her with the sound she has always craved. The translation of her alias reflects her musical style, Lali; playful, Shyama; darkness.


As a long time resident of the San Francisco bay area, the musical expressions of DJ Andrús are as progressive and innovative as the place that he calls home. André Poulin’s background in music has lended him a competent approach to crafting thoughtfully groovy sets across many different genres. André began DJing minimal and psychedelic techno and then gravitated towards the deep, hypnotic grooves of dark progressive after hearing a track of Zenon label founder Sensient. After experiencing Goa, and the European festival circuit he became enthralled with the swelling atmospheres of the forest sound and shifted his DJ focus. Using his inspiration and knowledge of many styles, he creates sets with the hope to open new portals for fans of varying tastes. No matter what, you can rely on Andrús to create a dynamic, mind-expanding psychedelic atmosphere where you have no choice but to keep on dancing.


DJ André˙s (Visionary Shamanics Records/) Oakland CA, U.S.


The beginnings of B3ING originate deep within the forests and mountainous
regions of Southern India. The talents of Prashanth Kumaresan were
cultivated at a young age learning Indian classical Violin within his small,
musically-inclined family.
Prashanth’s classical musical training was forever transformed when his

travels took him to one of the great meccas of electronic music: Goa. Night-
long DJ sets on the beaches of India, alongside avant-garde musicians who

populated the Goa trance scene from 2010 to 2015, shaped B3ING into the
DJ and composer we are privileged to know today.
With his extensive knowledge of sound design and sound healing
techniques, B3ING incorporates his underground sounds of melodic
meditations to create unique tracks that each weave its own peculiar tale
about our own True B3ING.


Once upon a time, in the farthest reaches of Northwestern Russia, an otherworldly being took on human form and went by the name of Xipil.
From a young age, Xipil was captivated by electronic music, but it was the pounding rhythms of techno that truly stole his heart. However, fate had other plans in store, and Xipil soon found himself immigrating to the United States.
It was in the US where Xipil’s musical journey took a cosmic turn. He stumbled upon psytrance and was immediately entranced by its hypnotic sounds. Xipil made California his home and began unleashing his dark psy sets on the festival scene, quickly catching the attention of Red Marines Productions for his diverse musical range and mixing style. It wasn’t long before he became an integral member of the Red Marines Festival team, working alongside a passionate group of organizers who have been putting on the festival for over a decade.
For Xipil, music is not just a hobby, it’s a celestial calling, a sonic code that unlocks the essence of extraterrestrial lifeforms and transcends your consciousness to a higher realm of existence.


Dwauw psychedelic journey started back in the late 90’s when his brother came back home from goa with a bunch of mini discs and a mixer , from small nature gatherings in Israel to clubs in Tel Aviv , goa scene, European festivals and last few years California dwauw has been rocking stages all over for two decades already, member of the groove attack team in Israel , co founder of the groove secret chamber,satya festival,Lost theory festival, freqs of nature festival to name a few of the projects he was involved as an organizer he mastered the stage front to back , playing many different styles , vibes and directions you can never know which weapon will be pulled but the one sure thing is that a WaUw state of mind will be achieved.


Transiant is a psychedelic trance producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A founding member of American darkpsy crew – Cosmic E.G.G., he has created electrifying and challenging psy for over a decade. His freaky oscillations and refractions have consistently blasted mist-clung forest parties and outdoor open-air Psytrance gatherings across America’s verdant upper Midwest. His experimental outlook on Psytrance consistently seeks to expand that genre’s repertoire, and to introduce dance floors everywhere to his hypnotizing leads and powerful, funky basslines.

Solar Kid (psytrance) aka IIVAH (techno)

Solar Kid is a DJ, producer and vocalist born in Belgrade, Serbia, based in California. She was raised in a musical family between Serbia, United Kingdom and Sweden.
Blessed to have been surrounded by musicians for her entire life, she spent a good amount of time soaking up sounds from around the world. With a background in playing the harp and singing from an early age, she brings an eclectic mix of musical influences and lifelong practices to her current projects.
In 2008 she created “Solar Kid” as a downtempo project, released her 1st album as a collection of her favorite psychill tracks in 2012.
As a vocalist she has collaborated with Benji Vaughan aka Prometheus, Zyce, Liquid Soul, Tribone, Ectima, Vini Vici and more artists from the psytrance scene.
In 2018 she released a track for a VA on Zenon records, after which she took time off music until 2022. This year she’s back on Zenon with another release, and more coming up. In love with darker as well as funny beats from many genres, she delivers twisted mixes from psytech, darkprog to forest.


Introduced to psytrance in Austin, TX in the early 2000s and started DJing the darker spectrum of psytrance and producing parties with friends as the crew Shiva Shakti. In 2015 the bat flew west and is now blasting west coast floors with things that go bump in the night.


Biography: PSYLOMINO a.k.a. Andy Palomino, 28, originally from Sao Paulo, Brasil, actually living in Los Angeles, California. Night Spectrum Psytrance Dj and Music Producer. Since a kid, Andy was already inside the entertainment area, with his parents working at big festivals, and having big DJ names as friends, soon on his 17 years old, decided to follow the same path, and get really into the djing and music production scene. With inspirations and references such as Ajja, Del Torto, Diksha, Fungus Funk, the project Psylomino is foccused on a diverse range within subgenres of Night psyquedelic, such as Fullon night, twilight, forestpsy and darkpsy, making his set a true wordless narrative trought the night.


Doktor Dargon brings a unique blend of influences to the the dance floor. With a deep-rooted background in rock and metal, The Doktor draws on the intensity and energy of these genres to create a sound that is both powerful and immersive.SoCal native and PsyTribe resident dj, Doktor Dargon unleashes a plethora of sound that envelopes the dance floor in a heavy veil of darkness and grit

From a young age, Dargon was drawn to the raw, high-energy sounds of rock and metal. As they evolved, they began to explore other genres of music, eventually discovering the world of electronic dance music. Captivated by the hypnotic rhythms and mind-bending sounds of Psytrance, they quickly found their calling as a DJ and began to hone their craft.

Drawing on their background in rock and metal, Doktor Dargon creates a sound that is both intense and intricate. The sets are filled with pounding basslines, intricate melodies, and mind-bending soundscapes, taking listeners on a journey through the depths of their own minds. With a focus on building a deep, immersive experience, this Doktor creates a space for their listeners to let go of their inhibitions and fully embrace the power of the music.

Come get your prescription of sounds, for any Psychedelic experience


Kelsifer is bringing a fresh and electrifying presence from Minneapolis and invites you to experience the high-energy auditory realm of hitech. With inspirations derived from punk, metal and some of the more intense electronic styles such as hardcore, hardstyle, and dnb, Kelsifer makes an exhilarating addition to the darkpsy soundscapes of the Midwest.

Ignite your body and mind as Kelsifer delivers a stimulating high bpm journey that will anchor you to the primal pulses of the Earth while blasting off into uncharted corners of the universe.


FORRESTA brings light to the dark side of sound. DJing since 2017, she thrives off hard bass lines, deep freaky sounds and hypnotic rhythms. Embracing PsyTrance from progressive to hitech, FORRESTA showcases a spectrum of energies and styles without discrimination.
Originally from Los Angeles, she grew up immersed in the underground rave scene since 2005, dancing to every genre from PsyTrance, house, techno, drum and bass to hardcore, industrial and hardstyle.

With a passion and focus on community and growth in the PsyTrance world, she organizes events with her teams collectives, Forrest Functions, Ecstatic Death Cult and CLTV808, giving opportunities for new and seasoned artists to share their talent with the public in a unique and welcoming environment.

Affiliation: Forrest Functions


As her name suggests, MissChief sets out to evoke your mischievous side! While she lures you through the depths of soundscape psychedelia, she too intends to keep you in touch with the lightness of the inner child. Her musical offerings provide an invitation to fluctuate between the sinking into one’s sacred inner world with a balance of syncing up with your playful dance floor family. She takes you on this inner-outer journey with some constant key ingredients: upbeat bass and intricate percussion blended with ethnic tones and tribal instruments, with a cosmic touch of outer space.


Shaull is a true tranceplant from Israel, where he was first exposed to the world of Psytrance back in the 90’s. Drawn in by the pulsating beats and hypnotic melodies, Shaull quickly became a devoted fan of the genre, attending festivals and renegades for over 25 years. 

Having studied drums as a teen, music has always been a passion for Shaull. But it wasn’t until 4 years ago that he discovered his newfound love of DJing. Since then, Shaull has been honing his skills and mastering the art of mixing.

But Shaull’s love for Psytrance doesn’t stop there. In 2017, he founded Heaven on Earth Darkpsy events, dedicating his time and energy to producing unforgettable festival experiences for the Psytrance community.


Compadre Chalo, aka “Thuk”, began his interest in electronic music in 2003, the year where he began his search and collection. From that moment on, the production and participation in parties motivated the decision to start mixing in 2008. In Chile, over the years, countless musical thresholds were created, participating in small mountain gatherings to important events and festivals of your country. Abroad playing in places such as Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Canada, among others. Dj Thuk will always be ready to deliver the take-off message.


Zeevik has been listening to Psytrance since the golden age of Goa Trance. Since 1993 he has been influenced by all sub genres. Through the years he has been organizing parties in Florida and California. His tastes are broad and he can make the dance floor move regardless of time or genres.

MOMBI Yuleman

Mombi Yuleman originally started out as a soundtrack and dark ambient producer and now takes those elements and has applied it to his own brand of psytrance. The spectrum of sound ranges from deep psychill and dark progressive to Twilight with full-on style kick & bass and on into the night with faster and more aggressive dark psy. With 3 new EPs coming out this year on labels across the world, he shows no sign of slowing down and has a ton of new psychedelic surprises up his sleeve.


Simo is an upcoming artist from Italy and is now newly rocking the underground of Northern California. In his younger years he was involved in the tekno movement of Europe which has inspired him to bring a fresh and exciting energy to the dancefloor with his dark psychedelic sets. Traveling over 15 years through Europe, Asia and Australia, has driven Simo to share smiles and connection everywhere he goes. Now he unites his love for life and Mother Earth through his elaborate and heart-felt muscial offerings.